Basic Minitab Training: In Lean Six Sigma Technical program, technical data is collected. One such way to record and effectively analyse data is by using Minitab.

By incorporating Minitab Training, it maximizes your ability in improving quality. It will teach you how to use Minitab and to execute successful data-driven improvement projects. Our training will also assist you in making more effective business decisions. You will learn when and how to apply Minitab and practice your new skills immediately by working through scenarios and exercises that mirrors your own work.

Topics Covered:

  • Charts
  • Histograms
  • Boxplots
  • Dotplots
  • Scatterplots
  • Tables
  • Measures of Location and Variation
  • ODBC


Advance Minitab Training:

Augment your graphical analysis skills using Minitab’s powerful statistical tools. Develop the foundation for important statistical concepts such as hypothesis testing and confidence intervals. By analyzing a variety of real world data sets, learn how to match the appropriate statistical tool to your own applications and how to correctly interpret statistical output to quickly reveal problems with a process or to show evidence of an improvement. Learn how to explore critical features in your processes through statistical modelling tools that help to uncover and describe relationships between variables. A strong emphasis is placed on making good business decisions based upon the practical application of statistical techniques commonly found in manufacturing, engineering, and research and development activities. Tools covered include:

  • t-Tests
  • Proportion Tests
  • Tests for Equal Variance
  • Power and Sample Size
  • Correlation
  • Simple Linear and Multiple Regression