The table below highlights some of the foremost profitable projects made by LSS Academy

Category Project Title Business Case Benefit
Services for Oil & Gas Reduce chemical (demulsifier & flocculants) usage in oil & gas field. Excessive usage of two major chemical on contracted basis has eroded the profit margin and causing cost overrun. US$325/yr
Mining Reduce second pass stripping for underground mining. Suboptimal drive placement creates mining inefficiency impeding mining advance rate by up to 50% in the ore-body and hence ore production is not optimised. US$25M/yr
R & D ISFET Sensing Membrane Sensitivity Improvement Less sensitivity and not optimized membrane had led to unsuccessful  commercialization for the end product Average sensitivity improved from 29mV/pH to 51.96mV/pH and successful commercialization.
Manufacturing Reducing WIP at CM Increase in Semi-Finished Inventory and High Lead time for completion USD 250,000
Manufacturing Eliminating Cold Streak Marks at Finished Sheet Aluminium Production Defect is adding more than 25% of Raw Material Requirements USD 185,000
Engineering(Recycling) MAximising Use of Waste Metal for Raw Material Recycling Cost of Raw Material Purchase is at 20cents spread and waste metal are non recycled USD 3MM
Engineering(Recycling) Increasing Project Completion Cycle Time Engineering Project Delays are adding more than 30% to the operation/project cost USD 275,000