Lean 6 Sigma Black Belts are the centerpiece of the program integrating the strategies of Lean and 6 Sigma. Lean 6 Sigma Black Belts are improvement experts that are deployed to conduct the project work that delivers to your overall goals and objectives. Throughout development, participants internalize the methods and tools of Lean and 6 Sigma.

Participants apply the new knowledge from each session immediately between the training sessions. It is this mechanism that ensures progress is being made quickly, and that the learning of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt methods and tools takes place with real world goals in mind.

Lean 6 Sigma Black Belt Training program builds competent, data-driven Lean 6 Sigma practitioners.  The curriculum follows the DMAIC phases, teaching candidates how to integrate a variety of Lean Six Sigma tools into an overall approach to process improvement. Participants are taught how to define and successfully launch a project, how to transition it from phase to phase, and finally, how to complete a project and evaluate its success.

There will be a hands-on, real-life approach to Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training. Candidates work on an actual business project and apply classroom techniques to the project. The Black Belt program is technically challenging to ensure that all graduates learn how to implement solutions that can produce financial results. Instructors provide formal project specific feedback to participants in each phase. Students are also encouraged to schedule one-on-one mentoring sessions with their instructors to discuss project specific hurdles.