What goes into creating a truly great leader – one who has optimistic & persuasive vision for the organisation growth, one who is competent in articulating influential pathway and one who is able in generating the trust and support from the employees in executing the organization’s objective & goals?

Second that, with the Lean Six Sigma Leadership Series program, champions are able to infiltrate success in the Lean 6 Sigma initiative. They serve as mentors to project teams and act as a bridge between black belts and organization management. Without champions, efforts can become entangled with internal obstacles, misaligned with core business objectives, lose focus and track of time and may not yield expected benefits.

But, with the Lean 6 Sigma Champion program, there’s no doubt as this program provides facilitation in exploring basic champion roles, investigating a sustainable support infrastructure for champions and preparing champions to avoid common pitfalls and lead successful Lean 6 Sigma initiatives.