Solve your organisation’s performance before they affect your bottom line. With the Lean Six Sigma Enterprise Performance workshop, this specially tailored program is designed for senior staff, which provides a major stepping stone on a journey to create a Lean Enterprise in their own organization. In order to develop a truly Lean Enterprise, it is crucial for leaders to understand what lean thoughts are, how it needs to be approached & addressed, what’s their role in leading the organization and the method in instilling a set,  often, new behaviours and levels of engagement. A significant step on this journey is participating in the Lean for Management‘s workshop. Participants will learn the following:

  • Gaining an understanding of the introduction to Lean Thinking
  • Gaining an understanding of how lean will be accommodating to an individual
  • Gaining where you are on your lean journey
  • Establishing a broad implementation plan and the next steps to obtain

Using the ‘QS Finance Model’ this workshop will provide you with the insights on what a true Lean Enterprise is, the different elements that must be addressed, where you are on your lean journey and most importantly provide a framework for you to consider how you might go about creating a Lean Enterprise in your organization. It ensures that the initiative begins with a broad, cohesive approach to lean transformation and is led by a knowledgeable & unified management team.