This workshop is designed for senior staff as a major stepping stone on a journey to creating a Lean Enterprise in their own organization. In order to develop a truly Lean Enterprise it is necessary for leaders to understand what lean thinking is, how it needs to be approached, what their role is in leading the organization and how they need to instill a set of, often, new behaviors and levels of engagement. A significant step on this journey is participating in the ‘Lean for Management‘workshop. Participants will learn the following:

  •     Gaining an understanding of what Lean Thinking is.
  •     Gaining an understanding of what it means to you.
  •     Gauging where you are on your lean journey.
  •     Establishing a broad implementation plan and the next steps to take.

Using the ‘QS Finance Model’ the workshop will provide you with insights into what a true Lean Enterprise is, the different elements that must be addressed, where you are on your lean journey and perhaps most importantly provide a framework for you to consider how you might go about creating a Lean Enterprise in your organization. It ensures that the initiative begins with a broad, cohesive approach to lean transformation, and is led by a knowledgeable, unified management team.