Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Consultant

Ms. Prashena Nair is a graduate from University Malaya and holds a Master Degree in English Language Education. She is certified as a Six Sigma Black Belt professional, facilitating in the use of lean and six sigma tools in business and transactional process to achieve tangible results.

Results-oriented with 5 years of notable performance, Prashena has been constantly referred to as a mentor from the top management & board of directors for immediate results with the capability & efficiency of achieving profit earlier than committed during the Oil & Gas projects.

Prashena has been coordinating regional projects includes improvising manufacturing and technical processes to develop six sigma processes to serve the clients demands and requirements, providing the clients with process based solutions, to offer defect-free, and improved quality functions, serving the clients with the industry’s best practices and processes to satisfy their process requirements, implementing highly advanced functions and applications, to minimize downtime losses and elimination of defects to improve quality and assisting the clients to achieve the break through results, and to help them achieve industry benchmarks.

  • M.Ed in English Language Education, University Malaya
  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Certified ISO 9001:2015 (QMS) Internal Quality Auditor
  • Certified Train the Trainer: PSMB

As an expertise in Lean Six Sigma, Ms. Prashena Nair has been building competencies in solving complex business problems. Here is the summary:

  • Co-develop and jointly execute projects under the BSBI – Benchmark Systems of Business Improvements with oil & gas clients utilizing competencies include Lean, Six Sigma, Creativity & TOC
  • Workshops for management & leaders – engaged in more than 500 professionals in training & action learning programs
  • Assessing business improvements needs
  • Finding areas where rapid improvement is feasible for the highest business impact
  • Designing and facilitating customized change programs that built internal competency and drive improvements
  • Developing Lean & Six Sigma workshops and deployment models suitable as per client organization’s culture and complexities
  • Facilitating Lean Six Sigma Roll Out and results through waves, ensuring business results
  • Business reviews were spread across Automotive Manufacturing, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Education, Information Technology, Cargo, Construction, Food Processing, Transportation, BPO & Hospitality sectors—while each business reviews started with an opening meeting with the leadership team, it ended up with specific areas that need improvements to sustain business continuity and enhanced results
  • Implementation & evaluation of key projects
  • Facilitating Kaizen & Rapid Improvement Events (RIEs) and overseeing process improvement projects
  • Identify process improvement opportunities, quality results and trends
  • Initiation of Lean and Six Sigma in a Petronas License Contractor Company for process improvement
  • Recognised for the major success of Process Improvement by incorporating blogging as a medium of knowledge transformation in one of the leading college in Malaysia
  • Being a consultant for one of the contractor for TGAST in Kerteh – a project worth 8 million for lean process improvement for 2 years and managed to perform cost savings of RM300, 000 from the initial budget
  • Consultant for Plant Turnaround Management for Mechanical Contractor in Kemaman, managed to improve in their productivity and project schedule, resulting in completing the project earlier than committed
  • Being an advisor for a construction company in Kuantan in Lemon Grass Project, BSAF
  • Published academic paper in Advances in Environmental Biology & Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences MCSER Publishing, Rome-Italy, 2016
  • Presented paper entitled ‘The Use of Blogs to Improve Tertiary ESL students’ Writing Abilities via Collaboration’ on the 3rd International Conference on Socio-Cultural Relationship and Education Pedagogy Learning Sciences 2016 (Socio-Cultural 2016)

Tasked as project coordinator/planner on the following project:

Company: Dialog Plant Services Sdn Bhd
Scope of work: scaffolding
Contract value: rm800, 000



Company: Nekad Development Engineering Sdn Bhd
Scope of work: scaffolding work
Contract value: rm50, 000



Company: CJ Bio Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Scope of work: scaffolding work for turnaround 2016
Contract value: rm600, 000