Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Consultant

Consultancy is a field that comes with accumulation of knowledge from the past experience. For the past 8 years hands on, training people on Lean Six Sigma, it has come to my realization that knowledge is invaluable. Learning from my own experience through socializing with people from many different industries has given me the edge to disseminate the understanding that I have on Lean Six Sigma. A core proportion of Lean Six Sigma is the ability to understand the theory behind which drives the organization to achieve far reaching performance outcomes such as innovation and competitive advantage in the market. A sturdy infrastructure complemented by a management which is keen to guide the organization through improvement projects would go a long way in achieving those objectives. I’ve seen companies come out tremendously well with the management’s principle and some falling out massively. I believe cultivating management principles boils down to one facet, culture. It is how the organization as a unit looks at it, embrace it and treat it in a way it defines and say “This is who we are and how we work”.

  • Masters of Economics (M.Ec) – Specialization in Macroeconomic Policy Formulation, University of Malaya (UM), Malaysia
  • B. Economics. (Hons) in University of Malaya (UM), Malaysia
  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt / IASSC Certified
  • Certified ISO 9001:2008 (QMS) Internal Quality Auditor
  • PhD (Ongoing) – Operations Management, Lean and Six Sigma.
  • Expert in Lean Six Sigma, Process Improvements and Lean Enterprise Solutions.
  • Specialist in process mapping, optimization, cost reductions, deploying process excellence strategies.
  • Trainer in Lean Six Sigma Programmes, QMS Programmes.

For more than 5 years, Mr. Muraliraj has been involved in process excellence projects, performance improvements, and change management in shipping, oil and gas, engineering and IT industries. He has:

  • Assisted organizations in improving process performance using the tools and techniques of Six Sigma and Lean, and has expertly used appropriate data collection and analysis methods to accelerate process improvement projects.
  • Trained and mentored Yellow Belts, Green Belts, and middle-management executives for Six Sigma Lean Enterprise Solutions.
  • Acted as reference point for top management and Board of Directors as change management agent.
  • Experience as Quality Management Representative (QMR) for Petronas oil and gas in-house contractor.
  • Regional and state Project Coordination and Management Reporting
  • Project Quality Auditing (Engineering- Scaffolding, Insulation, Fireproofing & Blasting and Painting).
  • Experienced Six Sigma Statistical Software such as Minitab (Version 16), SPSS, Structural Equation Modelling (SEM)- SmartPLS, AMOS.
  • Developed training materials and Lean Six Sigma games for training.
  • Delivered warehouse transformation programme for business enhancement strategy.
  • Researching and assessing risk management processes and business trends.
  • Lean Six Sigma and Lean Deployment Training and Facilitation.
  • Lean Six Sigma Project Identification, Selections & Execution.
  • Lean Six Sigma Project Consultancy and Training Material Development.
  • ISO 9001 (QMS) Training, Audit Coaching & Mentoring.
  • Process As-Is & Should-Be Training and Facilitation.
  • Lean Systems Designing & Re-designing.
  • Strategic Planning & Project Management activities in Process Improvement.
  • Quality Assurance and Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Operations Management & Project Coordination.
  • Mr. Muraliraj’s most recent success is in the initiation of Lean and Six Sigma in a Petronas in-house engineering service provision company, where he trained and coached 26 executives in 13 branches of the company in training and awareness alongside improvement opportunity identification in each branch.
  • Completed transformation of warehouse according to company’s major improvement strategy.
  • Work experience includes project coordination and auditing aside standard operating procedure and revamp for best practice solutions for all of company’s subsidiaries in Johor, Melaka, Port Dickson, Lumut, Kulim, Kerteh, Kemaman, Bintulu, Labuan, Gebeng and headquartered in Kuala Lumpur.
  • Languages: English, Bahasa Malaysia, and Tamil
  • Economic Implication of Lean Six Sigma Employment in the Local Government (Unpublished, ongoing)
  • Linking Sociotechnical Aspect, Learning and Cognitive Influence to Six Sigma Project Success, Proposal Defense Presentation (May, 2016).
  • Combinative Quality Initiatives Effect on Absorptive Capacity Dimensions and their Influence Towards Organizational Innovation and Performance, PhD Research (Ongoing)
  • Macroeconomic & Policy Indicators: A comparison Between Malaysia, India & China, Dissertation (University Malaya Library)
Project Standardize warehouse plant layout concept to ensure optimum operation and production flow (Warehouse / Inventory)
Relevant Quality Method Lean: Value Stream Mapping, Nagare Cell Concept, Visual Management, Kanban System, 5S.
Project Streamlined material purchase and delivery process to increase cycle time from 7-8 working days to 3-4 working days (Procurement Department)
Relevant Quality Method Lean & Six Sigma: Process mapping, 5S, VOC/VOB, CTQ, Quality Function Deployment, Drill Down Tree, T-Test analysis.
Project Revamp material delivery process to reduce error and delay rate (Operations Department)
Relevant Quality Method Lean & Six Sigma – Process mapping, SIPOC, 5S, CTQ, Quality Function Deployment, Drill Down Tree, 1-Proportion test, Correlation Analysis.
Project Revised 5S and operations document audit process for improved efficiency
Relevant Quality Method QMS ISO 9001, 5S.
Project Created revised and automated (formularized) engineer pulse form to reduce motion waste and calculation error for tracking efficiency.
Relevant Quality Method Lean: Waste elimination, Visual Management
Project Modified work method in using SLAM (Service Level Agreement) report for increased efficiency by reducing time, error rate and eliminating motion waste to input data/info into Enterprise System from SLAM/ Master list.
Relevant Quality Method Lean: Waste elimination, Visual Management
Project/ Assignment Reviewed handover mode by standardizing format to ensure consistency and avoid missing data and incomplete status.
Relevant Quality Method Lean : Waste elimination, VOC/ CTQ
Project Increased performance capability for ETA setting by proposing synchronized call ups and Enterprise System handling. Reduced error rates from 43-45 defect-free calls to 67-75 defect-free calls completion rate by daily timeline 10.30am.
Relevant Quality Method Six Sigma – Measurement analysis, process capability, reduced rework, motion.
Project/ Assignment Performed call audits to ensure engineer performance consistency and customer service satisfaction
Relevant Quality Method Quality Audit, Process Efficiency

Project Name: Emery Strawberry 3 Esterification Plant Project (Port Klang, Selangor)
Client: ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solution
Scope of Work (Status): Insulation & Scaffolding
Project value: RM 1,500,000.00
Project team: 85 workers including direct and indirect workers



Project Name: Major Turn-Around (Petronas Ethylene Plant) (Kerteh, Terengganu)
Client: Newwin Engineering & Services Sdn Bhd
Scope of Work (Status): Scaffolding
Project value: RM 3,000,000.00
Project team: 100 workers including direct and indirect workers



Project Name: Kaneka Plant (Gebeng, Pahang)
Client: Kaneka Engineering Sdn Bhd
Scope of Work (Status): Insulation
Project value: RM 300,000
Project team: 35 workers including direct and indirect workers



Project Name: Insulation Works (Kemaman, Terengganu)
Scope of Work (Status): Insulation
Project value: RM 120,000.00
Project team: 20 workers including direct and indirect workers



Project Name: Scaffolding & Insulation Works (Labuan & Bintulu)
Scope of Work (Status): Scaffolding & Insulation
Project value: RM 298,800.00
Project team: 40 workers including direct and indirect workers.